Are you willing to do all that it takes to reach today’s students?

We can’t afford to take the easy way any more. We need to take a higher road, and pay attention to colleagues who have chosen this road, colleagues who:

  • Hold high expectations for all students—and succeed beyond all expectations
  • Challenge all students, acknowledge their different learning styles, and make sure each one learns before moving on
  • Persist in taking risks to find better ways for students to learn
  • Create or join study groups to examine best practices, lessons, and student work
  • Take time to create feedback opportunities through mutual observations and conferencing
  • Meet regularly with colleagues using agendas designed to improve instruction
  • Mentor and nurture new colleagues offering support, ideas, and compassion
  • Stay after school to prepare and meet with colleagues
  • Go the extra mile for students every day and on weekends
  • Attend students’ games and performances after school

Every school district has pockets of “Davids” who have abandoned the “easier” path and have responded to the challenges schools and families are facing. These are the great teachers among us. We all know who they are. They have taken the higher road. They’ve signed the “Teaching Manifesto” [See the next entry].

For more on this crucial issue see Teaching from the Middle of the Room: Inviting students to Learn from Amazon: